#Peace For Sudan: Sudanesse Massacre

Just six days ago, a six year old child was raped by ten Men in Sudan. Many more Women Men and children have been raped and killed. More than 40 bodies were found along the banks of the Nile river. My heart bleeds when I read all that was and is currently happening in Sudan. And it breaks my heart that only a few of us Africans are spreading awareness of these Sudanese Massacres.

Where is the humanity in us? Why can’t we make such stories trend on Facebook? We Africans are culprits in making Western stories trend more often than not, but why can’t we make this trend too? Is it that we only want to jump on the band wagon and be seen by the outside World? Civilians have been cut off from even accessing the Internet. It’s a blood bath and a World Humanitarian Crisis.

Why aren’t you saying or even sharing anything concerning these merciless killings? Our fellow Africans have been left homeless, children without mothers, all they hear are gunshots, and all they know is a war zone now. Please take the time to share and spread awareness of this brutal Sudanese Massacre. #Dontbesilent #SudaneseMassacre.

credit: @Tabbeth Saint Ennie


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