Jennifer Aniston breaks record, gets 11m followers 48hrs after joining Instagram

– Popular Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston, has finally decided to join Instagram

– Aniston only posted one photo and soon the likes and follows were streaming in

– Within 48 hours, Aniston can boast of more than 8 million likes on her photos and over 11 million follows

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most admired and popular actresses, and yet she wasn’t active on Instagram until very recently.

The 50-year-old finally joined the popular social media community and posted her very first photo on October 15 – a photo of her and all the former cast members of popular comedy series titled Friends.

This was the best possible snap Jennifer could have shared because the show was what kicked her into stardom and even over a decade later after its final season, the show is still loved by many fans around the world.

TheKingsGist noticed that the actress already has more than 11 million followers and over 12.4 million likes after just one post. Interestingly, she broke Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s record as Guinness World Records recognised her as the fastest ever to amass 1 million Instagram followers.

Following her epic entrance into the world of Instagram, her page crashed for a few hours and Aniston responded with a hilarious meme and a caption in which she stated that she didn’t mean to break the internet. She however thanked her fans for the ‘glitchy’ welcome.

Friendsis one of the world’s favourite TV shows ever. It ran from 1994 until 2004 and has an almost cult-like following.

Seeing the photo of the original members of the show still together and friends all these years later had the world feeling quite nostalgic. Even celebs had to comment on the now-famous selfie.

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